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Action Learning

All of our courses are delivered through Action Learning.* In essence this means that your study stays focused on those issues that you face in the workplace everyday and will involve you in a way that very few traditional and theoretical management training courses can do. By being more involved in your own learning, you will develop a higher level of understanding and build life-long skills, benefiting yourself and your organisation.

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Action Learning encourages the development of management skills through bringing learners together in groups to identify organisational problems or challenges and to solve them by bringing together

all the knowledge that exists about the problem and subjecting it to incisive questioning. Action Learning is so powerful because it is essentially an unlimited learning cycle which generates a virtuous circle of continuous improvement that focuses on doing, reviewing the results and making plans to do better. It recognises that, generally-speaking, managers spend more time doing than thinking and builds on their own learning styles, giving them opportunities to solve real problems in the workplace and learn from them.
Our unique online delivery of Action Learning harnesses the collective expertise and energy of our Learning Sets with the power of the Global Campus to enable you to build your management capability in each area as you progress through your assignments. Throughout the process the tutor acts as a facilitator of learning, helping you to access, explore and apply the information resources available. The dynamic of the Learning Set quickly builds a strong team spirit through which you assist each other in overcoming the challenges of each assignment.

The beauty of this way of learning is that the tutor is no longer the focus of the process; instead, through working together, each learner develops the capacity to apply a vast array of management knowledge directly to those challenges – large or small – that they regularly face at work.

In short, Action Learning is one of the most powerful ways to build good management practice. The benefits are both immediate and lifelong:

* It reduces the dependence on the tutor and empowers the learner, developing strong team-working skills
* Learning is directed to where it is most useful in the learner’s place of work
* It applies the combined knowledge and skills of the Learning Set to the problems of each learner’s organization and achieves tangible results within a short space of time and over the long term
* It helps managers to see the bigger picture and prepares them for greater responsibility as their careers develop.

*If you would like to find out more about the history of Action Learning, please click on the link below.

Download an Introduction to Action Learning (word document, 47Kb)