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Cambridge Online Learning secures new teaching contract with LDS

Online Learning - Quality

Our objective is to become the world’s leading online management education provider, delivering high quality online management development to managers in all types of organisation. In doing so we aim to improve the ability, knowledge, career prospects and lifelong learning skills of managers across the globe.

Our business objectives are linked to the continuous improvement of our performance. This process is supported by company policies and procedures which are aligned with appropriate quality standards driven forward by the development plan. The measures we have taken are as follows:

* Through our Academic Board we continually review our development plan and working methods and, where necessary, make improvements.
* We conduct a self-assessment every year involving all our staff, our learning support centres, a sample of employers and University of Cambridge International Examinations.
* We actively encourage continual professional development (CPD) for all our staff and, wherever possible, try to identify suitable means by which our organisation can facilitate the needs of individuals with accident claims advice.
* We continually monitor the performance of our network and hardware systems to ensure they are capable of supporting the recruitment targets predicted in the annual development plan.
* We continually monitor the services provided by organisations sub-contracted to support COL programmes. Other Language lessons include frnech and German and teaching jobs for London only.

* We continually monitor the implementation of our Equal Opportunities policy and evaluate our success in terms of both our own staffing situation and our client groups.

We have met the rigorous accreditation standards set by University of Cambridge International Examinations and have completed a self assessment against the Common Inspection Framework. The company has met LSC/Business Link audit requirements and those of the European Social Fund. We are formally committed to Investors in People and to Equal Opportunities. We are recognised as a provider of Continuous Professional Development by several professional bodies, including the CIPD.

We continually monitor candidates’ progress and record their achievements as evidence for credit towards a wider range of nationally-recognised qualifications. As part of this process,

* We ask all candidates and employers independently, through questionnaires, to provide feedback on the standard of education and training received at key stages including induction, during the Learning Set activities and at the assessment stage. Where possible, this information is used to implement improvements.
* We conduct external verification telephone surveys of candidates and employers every year to confirm the validity and authenticity of candidates’ assignments.
* We conduct and record live Learning Set evaluations through the Global Campus chat room, details of which are used for benchmark comparisons with our formal feedback systems.
* We regularly review our candidates’ personal learning targets, as agreed with their tutors. We monitor their achievement rate across all of our programmes and examine the trends.